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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our group has the goal of respecting society and leaving a better world for future generations. It implements different social projects that are sensitive to human needs both in the geographies where we operate and in other regions. Corporate citizenship in Naturel Energy focuses on the following issues:

·  Creating value on society and the environment and working in a purpose-oriented manner.


· Developing renewable energy projects that respond to the needs and priorities of the communities in the regions where we operate.


· Establishing cooperation with universities, educational institutions and non-governmental organizations and supporting sustainability and social responsibility by going beyond the sector to expand its scope of influence


The details of the donations and aids made by our group in 2021 are as follow:

Within the framework of carbon reduction commitments in the world, a carbon certification contract has been signed with the GCC to promote carbon reduction. The process of issuing carbon certificate is in progress. In addition, cooperation is made with the TEMA within the scope of donation. We undertake to establish a commemorative forest by the end of 2023. We are committed to becoming a member of the United Nations Global Compact by the end of 2023.

CLICK for OGM Sapling Planting Certificate.

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