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Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee ("Committee") was established on 27.03.2020 in accordance with our Board of Directors Decision No. 8 in order to determine the sustainability strategy, policy and goals of Naturel Yenilenen Enerji Ticaret A.Ş., to carry out the relevant organizational and financial planning, to monitor and audit the sustainability performance, to carry out improvement and development tasks and to report to the Board of Directors. Our company aims to support sustainability studies from the perspective of Human Resources management and to manage our sustainability studies in a participatory and inclusive manner by our company and its subsidiaries.


Duties and Responsibilities of the Committee


  • The Committee determines whether the Capital Markets Board Sustainability Principles are applied in the Company, the justification if not applied and the conflicts of interest arising from not fully complying with these principles and makes suggestions to the Board of Directors to improve sustainability practices.


  • It determines the priority issues, risks and opportunities of the ESF and establishes the appropriate ESF policies. In terms of the effective implementation of these policies, it prepares internal instructions, business procedures, etc., presents these policies to the Board of Directors and makes them public.


  • It ensures that its activities in the field of sustainability are carried out by taking into account the needs and priorities of all stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers and service providers, public institutions, shareholders, non-governmental and non-governmental organizations, etc.).

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