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Supply Chain Management

One of the environmental objectives of our integrated strategy is to increase the sustainability of our supply chain in line with our Environmental Impact Reduction Supplier Policy. Accordingly, we are aiming to offer more sustainable materials and solutions to our customers for SPP EPC services.

Procurement of more sustainable products: During our on-boarding process, we inquire about our suppliers' sustainability policies, product lifecycle analyses, R&D and innovation plans and investments, carbon footprint measurements and reduction targets. We prefer and opt for suppliers who demonstrate a commitment to sustainability, including those with quality management certificates such as ISO 14001 - ISO 50001. 

With our Environmental Impact Reduction Supplier Policy, we prefer suppliers who offer more eco-friendly sustainable packaging and therefore increase sustainability of our EPC and O&M services. 

Raising suppliers' awareness about sustainability: When contracting with our suppliers, we make sure they acknowledge receipt of our sustainability policy, thereby asking their commitment to comply with it. As part of our policy, we are working on training programmes for our suppliers to increase their awareness of sustainability and ESG reporting.  

Supplier Non-Compliance with Environmental Criteria and Partnership Termination Policy: We have a policy to terminate our contracts with suppliers who do not comply with our sustainability policy. This policy is provided as an annex to our supplier contracts. 

Local production by vertical integration: Looking ahead, to increase the sustainability of our supply chain, we are looking into opportunities for local manufacturing of climate technologies to be used in our EPC services and investments.

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